Electric Desert, live @ Massada 13, Haifa


This video is from a concert that I’ve been at on Saturday, at Massada 13, as recorded and published by Maya Tal. The band’s name is Electric Desert, and they play an old-school, energetic, guitar-driven rock n’ roll, with a mixture of Middle-Eastern and Balkan influences. This post deserves special attention of my Polish readers, because in the next weeks you’ll have the opportunity to listen to them live as well, at their upcoming gigs in Białystok and Warsaw. Just follow the updates on their FB page.


Frequencies are coming


We’re getting closer and closer to another Haifa Frequencies event. Which is basically just a show, in series of shows under the same title, that are showcasing artists from the city’s live-electronic scene. As part of a well-made promotion campaign, Rowch – one of the upcoming performers, and generally a badass drummer, recorded an impressive promo for the event. Check it out:

An Awesome cover of Bitter Sweet Symphony, that was filmed in Haifa


In the video you can see part of Carmel-Centre and Downtown areas, as well as the insides of local Egged bus, and the legendary Subway – “Carmelit”. The song is a cover of “Bitter Sweet Symphony”, that was originally preformed by The Verve. The video is by Jonathan Israel & Bar Karti. Guitars, vocals, production and mix by Bar Karti. Cello by Grisha Geles.