A J.Viewz Special, and other Gay stuff

Whoa, it’s been some time since my last post, but there’s happened so much to write about. i’ll start from the earliest event: 26 of June, when J.Viewz came back to their hometown to kick some ass. 

Accidentally or not, the concert was held on the day of Haifa’s Pride Parade, which resulted in the city being decorated all over with flags like this:

it felt a bit like Israel’s independence day, only gay independence day. ANd in a way, it was EXACTLY that. It was only four days after I attended my first gay wedding ceremony(a friend of mine finally married his boyfriend), And a day before the historical RULING OF THE US SUPREME COURT about gay marriage.

Anyway, let’s get back to the topic…

I’ve already wrote here once before about J.Viewz, Jonathan Dagan’s live-electronic project, in my post about 7 Israeli covers that should blow your mind, where their cover of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” topped the list. They are currently based in Brooklyn, but still visiting their homeland quite often. And every time they come, they always give Haifa the special treatment, for being the city where Jonathan grew-up in.

This time, the special treatment was another free mid-day concert, that was dedicated to 10 years anniversary of their debut album – Muse Breaks.

As usual for a J.Viewz summer-gig in Haifa, their concert was accompanied with small waterworks, that were hanged on cables above our heads. From there, they sprayed refreshing water-drops over the crowd.

There is something very natural in the combination of these waterworks with their music. Specially with their 2011 album Rivers and Homes, which always gives me the feeling of a gentle summer’s rain, or salty sea-breeze. In a way, resembling Jonathan’s old hometown – Haifa.


Quite ironically, J.Viewz had their first taste of fame thanks to another Israeli electronic act: Infected Mushroom(if you’re really into PsyTrance scene, you’ve probably have heard about them). They did a mix of Muse Breaks title track, which made it an instant dancefloor hit. Anyway, the original piece sounds like this:


I don’t really need to re-introduce their jazzy version of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal, but I’ll do so anyway, because it’s so awesome. It appears that this version had some success also on BBC Radio 1, and the British JazzFM. If you didn’t had the chance to listen to it yet, just go ahead now:


If this wasn’t enough glamour for you till now, Salty Air, from Rivers and Homes album was made famous in Revlon 2011 advertising campaign, starring Halle Berry. The full track is much better, thought… Listen to it here:


And now, we finally get to my all-time favorite: Oh, Something’s Quiet was created out of recorded voices of J.Viewz fans from around the world. It also features Kelli Scarr – that is mostly famous for doing vocals for Moby‘s album Wait for Me. Except for being just an awesome song by its own, it also has a kind of trippy, sensual, and mesmerizing musical clip. Watch it here:

And here’s my take of the live performance in Haifa:


Unfortunately, J.Viewz did only one encore this time(despite the calls from the audience for another). Maybe they were tired. Anyway, there is nothing else to do than to envy THIS EPIC ENCORE that they did a few weeks before that in Jaffa:


Electric Desert, live @ Massada 13, Haifa


This video is from a concert that I’ve been at on Saturday, at Massada 13, as recorded and published by Maya Tal. The band’s name is Electric Desert, and they play an old-school, energetic, guitar-driven rock n’ roll, with a mixture of Middle-Eastern and Balkan influences. This post deserves special attention of my Polish readers, because in the next weeks you’ll have the opportunity to listen to them live as well, at their upcoming gigs in Białystok and Warsaw. Just follow the updates on their FB page.

Haifa Frequencies

Last week I had the pleasure to be at two very awesome concerts. The first, was of the Oriental-Metal act Orphaned Land in the Wunderbar club – I mentioned them already in my previous post about 7 mind-blowing Israeli covers. The concert was pretty good, just as expected. But the second, and more interesting, was actually the monthly Haifa Frequencies event at the Syrup. Haifa Frequencies is all about introducing the local live-electronic scene. This time it was 3 acts:

The first to get on the stage were “MAD and LOST”. This new electronic duo Ran Lavi(vocals) and Lee Müller(previously known from another amazing Haifa-based electronic duo Tzif Rozenpot, that also set foot on Frequencies’ stage) made their very first debut on stage.

Mad and Lost.

MAD and LOST. Debut on stage. PC: New Perspective Photography 

Considering the fact that this duo was practically just “born”, there is not a lot of their material online yet. Yet from what there is, here’s a bite:

Second to come was Noga Erez. She was the only performer at the event that I didn’t even heard about before, nevertheless, she was the one who blew my mind the most. Later I found out that she was in the past part of the Secret Sea band(that was headed by another favorite performer of mine – Amit Erez). This young woman, except of having ghostly mesmerizing voice and impressive synth skills, is also just hypnotically beautiful.  I think I just discovered my new musical crush.

Noga Erez. Mesmerizing.

Noga Erez. Mesmerizing. PC: New Perspective Photography

Here’s a little taste:

And also check out her performance with Efrat Ben Zur:


Rowch. Kicking some-ass. PC: New Perspective Photography.

The last but not least to come on stage to was the kick-ass drummer Rowch A.K.A Offer Bymel. I already had a post with his video teaser for this event, but here’s another of his kick-ass tunes:

Well, that’s all for now. Be safe!