Whoa, dude!

..What is this place?

Dude, welcome to Dead City Radio. It’s a blog that is dedicated to independent, alternative and underground urban culture. This includes music, art, literature, cinema, nightlife, and everything in-between.

I’m gonna primarily focus on the Israeli scene, and even more specifically on that of Haifa Metropolitan area – because that’s where I live. Eventually, I hope it will become a kind of awesome guidebook for tourists and outsiders who seek something different in the Holy Land.
However, this blog is not limited to any sort of borders – and some of the posts might be about stuff outside of Israel – may it be the Middle East or Europe, or somewhere else. In other words, it all depends on what I will want to write about at the moment.

The name of the blog is a nod to William S. Boroughs‘ record with the same name.

Who the fuck am I?

My name is Tony Wowpid-wp-1434057910959.jpeglkovitzky, but when I’m abroad, I’m also widely referred to as Jesus, due to my long hair and beard, as well as the fact that I’m from the Holy Land.

I’m a typical humanities student: My life is going nowhere. I work at a shitty but effortless job, only to support my hedonistic lifestyle.

My micro-blog The Daily Beer is basically a real-time documentation of my gradual falling to alcoholism.

You can read my blabbering about politics in my blog Hummus Place.

The number of fucks I give in life is still empirically unknown, but according to anonymous sources it counts down to zero.


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