Time for some North-American glue

Okay, forget everything. Let’s take a break for a while from the tensions in the Middle East, and dive into the comforting North-American esoterics. Here’re some tunes that I’ve been listening to, lately…

Alvvays: Alvvays


Alvvays(pronounced as “Always”) is a Canadian band, from Toronto. Their debut album is from 2014, but it totally sounds like the 90’s: Dreamy, happy, and fun. When I got to the opening chords of “Party Police” I almost began singing “what if God was one of us” – but that’s just me being stupid.


Elvis Depressedly: New Alhambra


So it turns out that Mat Cothran, the front-man of Coma Cinema, moved to Asheville, North Carolina, and formed a new band. Now, one thing that you gotta know about me: I L-O-V-E Coma Cinema. My personal favorite is their second album – Stoned Alone. Their music projects this sweet, mellow, somewhat tired melancholic state of mind that I can relate to. From this aspect, Elvis Depressedly successfully continues this artistic line. New Alhambra(2015) is actually their third album. Their 2011 debut, typical for Cothran’s sick sense of humor, was called Save the Planet Kill Yourself.

One of the things that I love about exploring not yet very famous indie bands is the mystery around them. Unlike the big acts, that have been interviewed numerous times and asked about every small aspect of their work, and writing, in the case of the small acts – there’s still a lot remains untold. Like, for example, who’s the mysterious lady on the cover the New Alhambra album?

One of my favorites on New Alhambra is the fifth track – “Rock N’ Roll”. The lyrics go like this:

There’s no such thing as rock n’ roll
Bless my reptilian soul

Jesus died on the cross
So i could quit my job

Your pain is poison grace
“what a shame Mary Jane”

Believe and be fulfilled
The prophecy of diet pills

On the eighth track, “New Heaven, New Earth” they have some kind of cool and psychedelic guitar at 01:54.

The last track, “Wastes of Time”, has these lines:

Heartbreak can’t change me
I am crazy for you
It’s a sad world we were raised in
Let it fade into something new

If you try I will try
If we fuck up it’s alright
There is so much more to life
Than all these wastes of time

Heartbreak can’t phase me
I am crazy but I’m true
It’s a sad world we were raised in
You could hate it but what’s the use?

Kind of comforting, don’t you think?


Cigarettes After Sex: I.


Cigarettes After Sex come from Brooklyn, New York. Like Coma Cinema, they have something mellow, hazy, and maybe even a bit melancholic in their sound, but in their lyrics are much brighter. The first song in their very first EP is called “Nothing’s gonna hurt you baby”, and it goes like this:

Whispered something in your ear
It was a perverted thing to say
But I said it anyway
Made you smile and look away

Nothing’s gonna hurt you baby
As long as you’re with me you’ll be just fine
Nothing’s gonna hurt you baby
Nothing’s gonna take you from my side

When we dance in my living room
To that silly ’90s R&B
When we have a drink or three
Always ends in a hazy shower scene

When we’re laughing in the microphone and singing
With our sunglasses on to our favorite songs

“Dreaming of You” is just a sweet, and addictive pop song. “Starry Eyes” is a song to get cozy with. Would be interesting to listen to future material that they’ll produce.


Ringo Deathstarr: Pure Mood


It’s quite for a while that I’m following this act from Austin, Texas – which accidentally also has one of the most brilliant and awesome band names that I ever saw. I really think that Pure Mood(2015) is their best and most polished work so far. It starts with the somewhat ghostly yet harmonic “Dream Again”, then brakes into the Grungy sound of “Heavy Metal Suicide”, then comes the psychedelic “Stare at the Sun”. I think it’s amazing how they balance between kicking ass and being mellow, or trippy – like the last track, “Acid Tongue”: Just listen to it, for fuck’s sake – you won’t regret it.

Well, that’s all for now, boys and girls. You’ve been on Dead City Radio…




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