Haifa/100/LIVE: Dowtown Indie


Now, here’s another little something that is worth writing about: Haifa/100/Live festival is the annual urban musical-festival in downtown Haifa, that took place this year on 28-30 of June. As implies from its title, the festival included 100 live performances, in 3 days, 17 bars and clubs, that are all located at a short walking distance from each other. It is the direct successor of a smaller urban festival in the city, that was called Haifolk.

Some of the bars and clubs that participated in the festival this year I’ve already mentioned in my previous posts about best alternative spots(Wunderbar, Syrup, House Gallery, Syncopa) and best friend-bars(Eli’s and Dovrin). Others, I’ll mention in short: Libira – a local-brewery pub that has just reinvented itself in much larger space with a stage. Gate 3 – an art gallery and concert venue. Jam – vegetarian restaurant with live concerts. Saint Etienne – a popular Arabic bar. Barki – a cute bar that is also a school for bartenders, with a rich choice of beer and alcohol, and mostly mainstream music. Urban – a bar with mind-blowing psychedelic graffiti on the walls and New-Wave music in the air. HaSimta(“the Alley”) – tiny artists’-bar with a small gallery upstairs. HaMartef(the Basement) – a club that was built in the place where once was a wine cellar of a fancy restaurant. Klemen’s – small Irish bar. AND last but not least: The Anchor – the oldest-surviving bar in Haifa, which was originally founded by few British sailors in the 40’s, with the intention to be a home-like drinking spot for other sailors and their friends when they are visiting the Holy Land.

In this post, I have prepared for you seven most interesting musical highlights of this festival(in my opinion). So, here we go…



A rap-punk group from Acre, composed of mostly ex-Soviet immigrants that are rapping and singing in Hebrew about their shitty lives in their shitty city(actually I think that Acre is more of a town than a city).

I first heard about them almost a decade ago, in 2007 when they came to perform at the legendary City Hall club in Haifa, to promote their debut album – “Park Culture”. Back then it was quite hilarious to hear the heavy Russian accent of the rapper/vocalist Falafel Crunk, and the words of the theme-song of the album, that talked about the very typical for Soviet immigrants tradition to drink Vodka in parks. Since then they already released a second album – “Hummus For the Masses”. Here’s a taste of their gig on the festival(symbolically, they preformed this time in the Wunderbar club, the direct successor of the City Hall in which they played eight years ago):


Killer HaLohetet

True dinosaurs from the 80’s – reunited. Killer HaLohetet(“the Hot Killer”) is an Israeli punk-rock pioneer from Haifa. Some even say that they’re the very first band to play Punk-Rock in Israel. Tragically enough, this band has bloomed too early, and disbanded too soon – without even getting the chance to fully enjoy the Israeli Rock-renaissance of the 90’s. Nevertheless, the band left an undeniable impact on the Israeli music scene. Here’s one of the last video-clips by Killer, before the break-up:

After the break-up, the band’s drummer Asaf Meroz took part in some of the most successful rock-acts of the 90’s – namely Avtipus and Eifo HaYeled. Monica, one of their bassists, inspired the name of another very popular band from the 90’s – Monica SexYoram Mark-Riech, Killer’s own front-man, pursued career in journalism, and became known as the main producer and host of the long-running Rock-Cinema events.

It took them 16 years to make a come back, but finally, here they are. And here’s the real mind-blowing thing: I know Yoram Mark-Riech’s daughter – she’s just a couple of years younger than me, and nevertheless I see her father up on stage, dressed like a punk-rocker, screaming and jumping and generally kicking-ass, like in this video:

Yeah, I know that most of my favorite musicians technically could be my parents, and even grandparents – but still, only such coincidences make me truly realize how much age doesn’t mean anything, and the fact that my parents and grandparents let themselves get mentally-old, doesn’t mean that I have to be like that too. After all, there’s no such thing “too old for Rock N’ Roll”.

Adir LC

This guy’s music somehow remind’s me acoustic Strokes or Libertines. I didn’t even heard of him before seeing him live in the Eli’s bar, but his tunes are quite catchy.



The direct translation of “Meuban” is “fossil”. The group is doing quite a remarkable Post-Rock music – a musical genre that is unfortunately still too underrated, in my opinion. This is also the appropriate place to brag about the fact that I know their bassist, Adam Claude, from the time that we served in the same military base. And here’s a taste of their music:

In this performance at the Eli’s bar they also brought with them some surprising guests from the Stoner-Rock act The Great Machine – whom I like very much as well, and had the pleasure to attend some of their very energetic and intense performances.


The Hazelnuts

God knows that the 30’s aren’t generally remembered as the brightest time of humankind – but the music was okay, I guess. The Hazelnuts do the old-fashioned 30’s Doo-wop with modern touch. Watch them swing:


Iliya Gertman(a.k.a NUTE) is not only a talented electronic producer, and Dj, and MC… He’s more than that. He’s a bro.

We studied in the same high-school for three years, and I never personally knew a person more talented in everything that concerns music than he is. The guy is not only a musical genius, but also a human beat-box, a multi-channel TV, and mobile comedy station in one person. During the second day of the festival, NUTE was DJing at the Saint Etienne bar for the whole evening, and was doing quite an awesome job. You can check out his works on his soundcloud, or just listen to a sample here:


Tiny Fingers

Except for having a logo that disturbingly reminds the flag of ISIS, here’s something I can say without any doubt about Tiny Fingers:  They were THE BEST show in the whole festival. I have been following this group for quite a while, and had the pleasure to see them in many other Indie festivals. Their music is a kind of a combination of Post-Rock, with Psychedelic-Rock, Electronic music, and I think that even some elements of Trip-Hop and Drum N’ Bass. Just listen to them:

Also, if you’re a fan of beautiful masturbation with musical instruments(because I know I am!) you can check this video too:


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