About two weeks ago, finally, the second Midburn Festival(Israeli equivalent of the famous Burning Man Festival in Nevada) took place in the Negev desert – an event that is described by its arrangers as an experiment in radical self-expression, and radical self-reliance. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend it this time, even though I happen to know one of its arrangers.

However, while looking at the pictures that were published on The Guardian, and Walla websites, the event quite reminded me other hippie and spiritual festivals like Zorba Buddha and Boombamela(I don’t wanna sound Hipster, but in this case I really must say “before it went mainstream”) that I took part at in the past. Certainly, I guess that many Burners(hard-core participants of Burning Man festivals) would be offended by the mere comparison – as they consider their festival to be something entirely out of this world – but, well, that’s the closest thing you can compare it to. Anyway, for your convenience, I’ve collected all those amazing pictures in a Pinterest board – go ahead and check them out:

And this video:


1 thought on “MIDBURN

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    A post by my friend tony about the Midburn in Israel, I hadn’t the chance this year to be there, but next year I’m there 🙂
    Follow his blog & mine if u would like to read more intersting stuff.
    My— twitter, Instagram & FP: folan experience
    Have a nice reading


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